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A Verdant Time in the Italian Hills

A Verdant Time in the Italian HillsI can recommend heartily a trip to Italy in the early spring. The weather is neither cold enough to require heavy coats nor hot enough to deter the inevitable climbing in the glorious hillside villages. In fact on most… Continue reading

Latin Lovers

The phrase per stirpes seems to appear in almost every will ever written and has provoked countless questions about its meaning.Literally, the term means “by the roots.” A better understanding of the term can be gained by contrasting it with the term per capita.If you… Continue reading

Queen’s English

Lynne Truss has written a book on punctuation that has been at the top of the best sellers’ lists in England for nearly two years, and in the couple of months since its introduction here in March 2004, it has been meteoric on our lists.For… Continue reading