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Employment: Offer Letter v. Employment Agreements

Employers are requiring restrictive covenants much more frequently than they have in the past.  This is because “knowledge” workers are able to move among competing companies and may cause damage to a prior employer by revealing trade secrets or enticing co-workers or clients to move.… Continue reading

Non-Cash Contributions to Limited Liability Companies

We are frequently met with a situation where one or more individuals wish to form a limited liability company to engage in a new business or real estate enterprise.  Limited liability companies are preferred vehicles for many such endeavors because they combine low maintenance and… Continue reading

Buying a Business

With the improving economy we seem to be witnessing an uptick in the sale and purchase of small and medium-sized businesses.  Banks are lending once again and potential buyers are more optimistic about the future of our economy.  Sale of business transactions virtually ground to… Continue reading

Exemptions from Attachment: A Last Resort for Debtors and a Planning Factor for Creditors

It is, of course, preferable not to be sued, and if you are sued, it is obviously better to win your case and not have a judgment entered against you.  The judgment itself is bad for your credit, but the execution proceedings that may follow… Continue reading

The New Year’s Checklist for Employers

The New Year is an opportunity for business owners to review various aspects of their business and to make changes to improve its operation.   One issue an owner may want to evaluate is whether it has an employee policy manual otherwise known as an employee… Continue reading

Pennsylvania’s New Public Works Employment Verification Act

Beginning January 1, 2013, a contractor or a subcontractor on a “public work” project in Pennsylvania must verify to the public body it is contracting with that it has checked the employment eligibility of its newly hired workers. As a precondition of being awarded a… Continue reading

Be Careful How You Sign Documents

  Sometimes we learn the simplest things last. Not doing those simple things can be costly.  One of the simplest rules of owning and operating a corporation or a limited liability company is to clearly sign papers and contracts as a representative of the business… Continue reading

Requirements Contracts

In the commercial setting, one type of contract that requires particular attention and input from the client is the so-called “requirements contract,” under which a supplier obligates itself to produce all of a particular buyer’s requirements for a given product during the term of the… Continue reading

Corporate Officers Making Personal Promises

It is a well settled rule of law that a corporation generally shields the actions of officers, directors and employees from personal liability when they engage in company business.  In fact, the main purpose of corporate formation is to shield an individual or individuals from liability… Continue reading

Labor Law Update

Beginning January 31, 2012, most private sector employers in the U.S. are required to post an “Employee Rights Under the National Labor Relations Act” poster.  This poster, which is required under a National Labor Relations Board Rule finalized last summer, provides a list of rights… Continue reading