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Protecting Our Hershey Bar!

In an action filed in the US District Court in Harrisburg (Hershey Co. v. Williams Sonoma, Inc.) the Hershey Co. has asked the Court to enjoin any further sales of a brownie pan sold by Williams Sonoma, Inc.  Hershey claims that the dimensions of the… Continue reading

An Irrepressible Tide, Pardner!

As quiet as it is irrepressible, the game of “Texas Hold’em” has become universal over the past decade.  It is a form of draw poker, and it is especially popular in bars. At the start of each game, usually the players put $1 or $2… Continue reading

Haiti Charitable Contributions Deductible for 2009

Under legislation just passed by Congress, taxpayers who make donations for the Haiti relief effort during 2010 would be able to deduct those donations on their 2009 tax returns which are due to be filed by April 15, 2010.  The obvious purpose of the legislation… Continue reading

The Office Holiday Party and Legal Liability

Most companies host some sort of traditional holiday or end-of-year party in December as a chance for employees to relax and celebrate the festive season together.  Holiday parties are a great way for business owners to help employee morale and make employees feel appreciated. Employers,… Continue reading

Schoolhouse Rock

 In the 1970’s ABC television introduced a series of animated musical educational short films aimed at children called Schoolhouse Rock.  Perhaps you remember some of the catchy tunes that usually ran on Saturday mornings such as: Conjunction Junction; Mother Necessity and I’m Just a Bill. … Continue reading

Congratulations Junior!

 The Firm is pleased to announce that J. Kenneth Butera, son of H. Kenneth Butera, has become a shareholder in the Firm, effective January 1, 2009. Known variously as “young Kenny”, “little Kenny” (even though he is taller), “Ken, Jr.” (even though he is not… Continue reading

A Fair Bet!

We have read so much about the casinos coming to Philadelphia over the past decade that our eyes tend to glaze over with each new story.  Here’s one you can take to the bank: there will be gambling on the river in the City, and… Continue reading

What is Subrogation?

The legal doctrine of subrogation is invoked most often in the insurance industry.  It deals with the insurance company’s right to go after and recover from the party who caused a loss — after the insurer has paid out on its policy with its insured. … Continue reading

One More Time: No Such Thing as a Free Lunch!

One More Time:  No Such Thing as a Free Lunch!     Anyone over age 55 is a favored target of vendors selling everything from vacation homes on North Carolina golf courses to “really hot” investment “vehicles.”  A favorite method is to invite you to participate… Continue reading

BBC&B Welcomes Rod Fluck

BBC&B Welcomes Rod Fluck   We are pleased to announce that Rod Fluck has joined the firm as an associate in our real estate and commercial department.  Rod received his undergraduate degree cum laude from Princeton University in 1993 and later attended the Dickinson School… Continue reading