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What is Subrogation?

The legal doctrine of subrogation is invoked most often in the insurance industry.  It deals with the insurance company’s right to go after and recover from the party who caused a loss — after the insurer has paid out on its policy with its insured. … Continue reading

One More Time: No Such Thing as a Free Lunch!

One More Time:  No Such Thing as a Free Lunch!     Anyone over age 55 is a favored target of vendors selling everything from vacation homes on North Carolina golf courses to “really hot” investment “vehicles.”  A favorite method is to invite you to participate… Continue reading

BBC&B Welcomes Rod Fluck

BBC&B Welcomes Rod Fluck   We are pleased to announce that Rod Fluck has joined the firm as an associate in our real estate and commercial department.  Rod received his undergraduate degree cum laude from Princeton University in 1993 and later attended the Dickinson School… Continue reading

The Shock and Somber Wake

All of us seem to be left with an emptiness unlike any we have ever experienced in the aftermath of the events of September 11.  It consists of a mixture of deep sadness for those who died, the shock that we were so vulnerable to… Continue reading

The First Monday In October

It is that time of year again.  The first Monday in October traditionally begins the United States Supreme Court’s term.  Sandra Day O’Connor, often considered a moderate, retired from the Court last year.  Samuel Alito was confirmed last winter to fill her seat.  Alito is… Continue reading

Air Conditioner

This past January, the United States Department of Energy’s new standards regarding residential air conditioners became effective.  As a result, air conditioner products manufactured after this date will have to meet the new standards.  Among new standards is the increase of the Seasonal Energy Efficiency… Continue reading


Some topics which we have previously discussed continue to evolve:   – – The New Barnes Museum.  After the protracted legal battle which ended in the Supreme Court’s ruling that the Barnes Foundation could move its collection to a new museum to be erected on… Continue reading

Newsletter On-Line

We have recently overhauled our Website, and one of the major additions is the availability of our Newsletter articles all the way back to the first issue in 1996.  Simply go to our homepage and click on the Newsletter – – voila! – – it… Continue reading

Napster: No Free Lunch?

In May of 1999 a 19-year-old Boston college student, Shawn Fanning, founded Napster, Inc., which, as many of you may know, operates a popular Internet site that allows personal computer users to download digitally recorded music for free in the MP3 format, a compression format… Continue reading

Clown Hats: Final Comment — (at Least for Now!)

By the time you read this it may be history, but at the moment of this writing the election has us all in anticipation (or bored stiff?), awaiting the outcome. In reflection, about the biggest surprise was not Al Gore’s selection of Joe Lieberman as… Continue reading