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Caveat Emptor: Protection Afforded by the Contingency

The purchase of residential real estate is the largest transaction many people ever engage in. All too often, the details of the written agreement become obscured by all the decisions that confront the buyer upon the purchase of a home. The purpose of this article… Continue reading

The Barnes Foundation’s Move to the Parkway Approved

The wonderful collection of Dr. Albert Barnes, including hundreds of paintings of the Impressionist Masters, is soon to be relocated to a new site on Philadelphia’s Benjamin Franklin Parkway. The highly anticipated decision was rendered by Judge Stanley Ott, and unless the students who protested… Continue reading

Is the Constitution Unconstitutional?

The results are clear; in November’s election the President won a comfortable majority of the popular vote and a much closer victory in the Electoral College. But one has to wonder what might have happened if a relatively small number of votes had been different… Continue reading

Like Old Man River, the Barnes Dispute Jes’ Keeps Rolling Along

Just when it appeared that the saga of the Barnes’ Foundation collection of art was resolved, an appeal of Judge Stanley Ott’s decision, which permits the collection to move from Lower Merion to the Parkway in Philadelphia, was filed. Jay Raymond is a former student… Continue reading