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Pennsylvania’s Deficiency Judgment Act

When a real estate mortgage is foreclosed the underlying property is typically sold at a sheriff’s sale by the mortgage lender.  The lender hopes to sell the property for a high enough price to cover the loan balance owed by the borrower.  Sometimes, however, the… Continue reading

“Incompetent, Irrelevant and Immaterial”

In the courtroom, especially in the case of a jury trial, information which is presented to the court is subject to various limitations and controls.  For example, in the case involving whether a driver ran through a stop sign in Pennsylvania without stopping it might… Continue reading

Small Claims Court

Pennsylvania’s small claims court system is a system of uniform statewide Magisterial District Justice courts. Each of the more than 500 Magisterial District Justices has exclusive jurisdiction over his or her specific geographic area.  Civil claims can be brought in the district where the defendant… Continue reading

Fore II

In our continuing effort to keep you abreast of the latest news in golf liability (OK, it’s December – maybe we can’t play golf but we can write about it!) we bring you a recent case from New Jersey: A golfer playing a ball on… Continue reading

Protecting The Attorney-Client Privilege

The law recognizes certain communications as being so important as to warrant legal protection from mandatory disclosure in judicial proceedings.  We have all heard of the physician-patient privilege and the clergy-penitent privilege, but the law also recognizes a privilege between attorney and client which protects… Continue reading

Crimes and Misdemeanors

The criminal law of Pennsylvania is largely codified in a lengthy statute known as the Pennsylvania Crimes Code, taking up several book volumes of the Pennsylvania Statutes.   The Crimes Code covers everything from “petty theft” to “grand larceny”, from “simple assault” to “murder”. Criminal conduct… Continue reading

In Passing: Judges are Only Human

In Arkansas a Supreme Court Judge, Sam Pope, has been suspended for 30 days for getting himself into a fistfight.  In a Walmart’s no less! Seems that Judge Pope’s wife was involved in extramarital behavior with a man whose name is Bill Murray (not that… Continue reading

Statutes of Limitations

Different types of lawsuits are subject to different statutes of limitation.  For example, in Pennsylvania a case for libel or slander, sometimes called “defamation”, must be brought within one year following the defamatory conduct.  This is a relatively short statute of limitation.  Most personal injury… Continue reading

Premises Liability: Fall-Down Cases Involving Invitees

Property owners have a legal duty to make their premises safe for customers and other visitors.  It does not take much of a hazard to cause significant injuries to an unsuspecting visitor.  Hazards like slippery floors, ice and snow, uneven or deteriorated walking surfaces, poor… Continue reading

Legislative Update

From time to time we comment on pending legislation.  Some of those proposals have become law, as follows: (a) Joint and Several Liability.  In Pennsylvania, in litigation alleging negligence against more than one defendant (such as in an auto accident) the law has been that… Continue reading