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Slip and Fall Injuries

With the slick winter weather we are seeing a rise in the number of slip and fall incidents occurring in public places. Serious injuries, including broken bones, back injuries, and various types of strains and sprains are being reported. Normal, healthy people rarely fall down… Continue reading

Pardon Me!

Since Bill Clinton left office the subject of pardons has been in the news almost daily, due largely to the pardon granted Marc Rich. As a result, the idea of granting a pardon to a convicted criminal may be getting a bad rap. Without question… Continue reading

Your Deposition — Be Prepared

If you or your business is involved in any sort of civil litigation, whether it is a basic collection case or a complex personal injury action, there is strong possibility that you will be required to give a deposition. A deposition is an opportunity for… Continue reading

The Military Tribunal and the End of Political Harmony

Proximate Causation

Proximate cause, also known as legal cause, exists when the defendant’s negligent act is a substantial factor in bringing about an injury to the plaintiff. For example, in a wrongful death action, it is essential to prove that the wrongful act of the defendant was… Continue reading

The Medical Malpractice Crisis

For months, there has been much written and reported on the medical malpractice crisis in Pennsylvania and across the nation. Doctors in several states have staged temporary work stoppages to protest the high cost of medical malpractice insurance. In Pennsylvania, the Rendell administration has established… Continue reading


A deadline is defined as a time limit, especially the time by which an article, etc. scheduled for publication must be completed. As my editor called to remind me about my deadline for this piece, I began thinking about the pain and loathing that have… Continue reading

Terminating Democracy?

Ah, California! If it didn’t exist, we’d have to invent it. Almost certainly, if the polls are to be believed, in the recall campaign the present Governor, Gray Davis, is yesterday’s headline, a goner! He is barely at a 25% approval rating and, at least… Continue reading

Gubernatorial Election Recall: A Historical Perspective

A state in economic crisis, job growth nonexistent, land values dropping, state population in decline for the first time and a narrowly-elected governor was being challenged to a recall election by the Republican Party. Sounds like those crazy Californians, right? Try North Dakota, circa 1921.… Continue reading

Consent Exceeded

A recent case involving pro football star Bill Romanowski illustrates the limits of “consent” as a defense in a personal injury case in the context of professional sports. In sporting events, whether professional or amateur, players are generally deemed by law to have consented to… Continue reading