Penalty Points

As most drivers in Pennsylvania know, the Commonwealth maintains a point system for driver education and control which provides for the assessment of points against your license following a conviction of certain motor vehicle offenses. As a service to our readers we set forth below a list of common driving offenses and the number of penalty points for each infraction:

Offense Points
Violation of restriction on driver’s license   2  
Failure to obey policeman or authorized person 2  
Failure to stop for a red light   3  
Failure to stop for a flashing red light   3  
Improper passing   3  
Following too closely   3  
Failure to stop for a stop sign   3  
Failure to yield at a yield sign   3  
Improper turning around   3  
Failure to comply with crossing gate or barrier 4 (and 30 days’ suspension)
Failure to stop for school bus with flashing red lights 5 (and 60 days’ suspension)
Exceeding maximum speed: 6-10 over 2  
  11-25 over 3  
  16-25 over 4  
  26-30 over 5  
Failure to yield to pedestrian in crosswalk   2  
Careless driving   3  
Leaving scene of accident involving property damage only 4


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