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Property Tax in Pennsylvania and the Impact of Slot Machines

Pennsylvania’s local tax system has roots in English history and in the colonial times; however the present local tax system dates back to the mid-1960’s with the passage of legislation that allows local communities to raise their revenue from a myriad of tax sources given… Continue reading

The Right of First Refusal: No Time to be Casual

One of the most commonly used devices in real estate is the right of first refusal (“ROFR”). A tenant may be given a ROFR by a landlord to buy the leased premises if the landlord wishes to sell at any time while the lease is… Continue reading

Queen’s English He/She/It/Their/Them

The rule is that which requires pronouns to agree in case with the noun (or pronoun) it refers to. “All of the boys wore their coats.” Both all and their are plural, and all is well. But in “Everyone must wear their coats,” everyone is… Continue reading

Expungement – Oops, Don’t Do It Again

Say your son is away at college, and one night you get a call that he’s been picked up for DUI. Although he only had a few drinks, he is nevertheless guilty of the offense. After you’ve finished strangling him, you hire a good lawyer… Continue reading

Changes in Medicare and Prescription Drug Access

There has been much talk in this year’s Presidential Election about the Medicare Prescription Drug Law. Passed in December 2003, the Medicare Modernization Act, as it is being called, provides for a temporary benefit, the Prescription Drug Discount Card Program which is in effect now… Continue reading

Latin Lovers

If nothing else, lawyers always have an argument. Ad Hominem is a type of argument which desperate lawyers sometimes employ (and experienced judges frown upon) where the facts and/or the applicable law are not terribly helpful. Literally the term means “to the man,” and amounts… Continue reading

Partition: Breaking Up May Not Be Hard To Do

The purpose of the legal action known as partition is to allow joint owners of property, who no longer desire to own that particular property, to divest themselves of ownership for reasonable and fair compensation. While a partition action can be used for personal property,… Continue reading

The Barnes Foundation’s Move to the Parkway Approved

The wonderful collection of Dr. Albert Barnes, including hundreds of paintings of the Impressionist Masters, is soon to be relocated to a new site on Philadelphia’s Benjamin Franklin Parkway. The highly anticipated decision was rendered by Judge Stanley Ott, and unless the students who protested… Continue reading

Falling Trees

If a tree falls and nobody is there to hear it, does it make a sound? Yes, especially if the tree started on your property and fell on your neighbor’s house.If a tree rooted on your side of the property line falls across the property… Continue reading

Employers Beware: Wage Payment and Collection Law

The Pennsylvania Wage Payment and Collection Law (“WPCL”) provides a statutory cause of action for employees against employers and responsible individuals; it allows an employee to sue for unpaid wages and recover additional damages of 25% of the unpaid amount and counsel fees. The WPCL… Continue reading