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Beer Distributors Can Now Sell 12-Packs

On March 6, 2015, the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board’s Office of Chief Counsel issued a legal advisory informing brewers that they may sell “original containers” to distributors as long as the container contains at least 128 fluid ounces. Those original containers may then be sold… Continue reading

Restaurant Reviews in the New Age of Social Media

Once upon a time consumers would turn to reviews written by professional critics when making decisions about things such as patronizing restaurants or attending a movie or show.  Reviewers were professionals who usually had some expertise in the subject being critiqued and a professional reputation… Continue reading

Beer Delivery in Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania is usually recognized as having some of the most strict alcohol rules in the country; however, an opinion by the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board in December of last year may demonstrate a loosening of some of those strict rules.   The LCB opinion declares that… Continue reading

Keeping a Liquor License Safe: When to Put a License Into Safekeeping

When a licensed establishment is closed for renovation or is damaged by natural disaster or when the business has to close for economic reasons, there are actions the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board (“LCB”) requires of the licensee.  Any licensed establishment closed for fifteen days or… Continue reading

What is RAMP Training and is it Necessary?

Opening a new restaurant or bar is usually a harried experience.  Hiring new employees, dealing with contractors and health inspectors, marketing the business, and buying food and alcohol all provide more stress than the normal operation of running the business.   Often a new liquor licensee… Continue reading

Do Restaurants Need to Pay for Copyrighted Music?

Virtually every restaurant or tavern plays some sort of music for its customers.  United States copyright law protects original works of authorship and entitles creators to various rights.  Holders of copyrighted sound recordings have exclusive rights to the reproduction, adaptation, distribution, and public performances of… Continue reading

Liquor License Transfers

The Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board (“LCB”) issues, renews, or validates over 21,000 liquor licenses per year.  A license can be issued only  when there is both an owner (which can be either an individual or an entity) and a location for the license.  Licenses associated… Continue reading

What is a Nuisance Bar?

In 1990, the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board (“LCB”) established the “Nuisance Bar Program” as a method of dealing with licensed establishments which were chronic offenders of the Liquor Code. In 1998, the program was expanded to allow the LCB to consider activity occurring on or… Continue reading

Micro Producers of Alcohol

Most of us are familiar with the micro-beer movement which is characterized by small, independent and traditional breweries that produce craft beers in limited quantities.  The products of such breweries are often tailored to specific tastes and regions.  Similarly, the limited winery or boutique winery… Continue reading

Once Again, Major Changes to Liquor Sales are Proposed

In February 3rd, Governor Corbett announced his most recent plan to privatize the sale of alcoholic beverages in Pennsylvania.  Under the Governor’s proposal he expects the State to raise $1 billion dollars over a three to four-year period by selling and auctioning wholesale and retail… Continue reading