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Marriage v. Co-habitation: Some Legal Distinctions

Some call it living in sin, others call it living in bliss, but these days it is almost expected that a couple will live together before they get married. In some circles it is socially acceptable for a pair to live together without ever getting… Continue reading

Employer Responsibility for Co-Worker Harassment

Is an employer liable for an employee’s claim of sexual harassment where the harassment is committed by a co-worker? Maybe yes, or maybe no. The answer to this question depends upon the particular facts and circumstances. As a general matter, it can be said that… Continue reading

HIPAA: The Health Privacy Rules

In 1996, the Federal Government enacted the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (“HIPAA”) which took effect in April of this year. HIPAA was promulgated in response to the privacy concerns that were arising due to the increase in electronically transferred medical information and the… Continue reading

An Avoidable Tragedy

In 1990, Teri Schiavo apparently suffered from a chemical imbalance that caused her heart to stop beating for an extended period which resulted in severe brain damage. Most doctors who have examined her believe that she has been in a persistent vegetative state since her… Continue reading

The Debate over Gay Marriage

In May 17th Massachusetts may become the first state to legally recognize same-sex marriages. Recent controversy over who is legally allowed to marry has led to new laws, judicial rulings and even a proposed constitutional amendment defining marriage. Traditionally marriage has been a unique legal… Continue reading

In Vitro Fertilization – – Who Pays?

With the relentless grim news and crises we face on a daily basis, sometimes we tend to trivialize the marvels in our midst. Among them are the many monumental scientific advances which have enhanced our daily existence; stunningly exotic on their announcement, they often become… Continue reading

Expungement – Oops, Don’t Do It Again

Say your son is away at college, and one night you get a call that he’s been picked up for DUI. Although he only had a few drinks, he is nevertheless guilty of the offense. After you’ve finished strangling him, you hire a good lawyer… Continue reading

Changes in Medicare and Prescription Drug Access

There has been much talk in this year’s Presidential Election about the Medicare Prescription Drug Law. Passed in December 2003, the Medicare Modernization Act, as it is being called, provides for a temporary benefit, the Prescription Drug Discount Card Program which is in effect now… Continue reading

Welcome to the World, You Are on Videotape

My family is about to celebrate the first birthday of our son. The year has gone by so fast, and the approach of this milestone has caused me to recall his birth. One of the questions asked of my wife and me by the hospital… Continue reading