Yearly Archives: 2008

Negotiating Tips for Stressful Times

Whether you are buying a business, selling a business, negotiating with a supplier or customer, or even bidding for something on e-Bay, it makes sense to try to negotiate to minimize your purchase price (or maximize your sale price if you are a seller).   This… Continue reading

Acquiring Equipment – The Options

Whether in these tougher economic times or under more normal conditions, furnishing your business with the necessary equipment can be a difficult decision.  First, there is the business decision of whether you need the equipment.  After that comes another question – how should I acquire… Continue reading

Sale of Business Seminar

On October 28, 2008 there will be a free breakfast seminar sponsored by Tannenbaum & Aalok at the Sheraton Park Ridge Hotel in King of Prussia dealing with the topic of selling a business.  The seminar, which will run from 8:00 a.m. to 10:30 a.m.,… Continue reading

Managing the Credit Crunch

If you believe the media pundits (and we are not sure we always do) a liquidity problem has developed in our economy which has tightened the availability of business credit or priced it out of reach for many businesses.  As a result many businesses may… Continue reading

Are There Any Safe Investments?

So your 401(K) is in the tank, your bank is offering 2% for Certificates of Deposit, and the car dealer wants you to pay him to take your SUV in trade.  Is there any place to invest your money which is reasonably safe and provides… Continue reading

Maintaining a Family Limited Partnership

During the past decade many individuals have sought to lessen potential gift and estate tax liability by establishing what is popularly known as a “family limited partnership” (an “FLP”) to hold business assets.  As a tax planning mechanism, the FLP is used because the limited… Continue reading

Home Buyers: Beware of Quirk in Standard Form

  Over the years a widely-used form created by the Pennsylvania Association of Realtors (“PAR”) has evolved to the benefit of buyers and sellers of residential real estate.  What is helpful about the form is that it “reminds” brokers, when they are preparing the agreement… Continue reading

A Brief Review of Product Warranties for Sellers and Buyers

All of us have bought products that have come with warranties.  Likewise, most of us, at one time or another, have made claims under warranties.  Nevertheless, how such warranties work and the interaction of various “warranty laws” is not always obvious. Even if you did… Continue reading

Jurisdiction in the Internet

Many of us have bought something over the Internet; indeed many of us have even listed items to sell on sites such as E-Bay or Craig’s List.  When a dispute arises as a result of a transaction that occurs over the Internet, where is that… Continue reading

Know Your Customers

If your business involves the sale of goods or services on open account (i.e., where you invoice your customer after the goods or services are provided) there may come a time when you have to resort to the court system to collect what is due. … Continue reading