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Congratulations Bill Brennan!

Join us in congratulating Bill Brennan and his family on their latest acquisition — TWINS! (Bill could never be satisfied with just one grandchild! Bill’s daughter Liz recently gave birth to twin daughters.  All are doing well and Bill is thrilled to be a Grandfather. … Continue reading

Objection! Calls for a “Conclusion”

If you want to learn a bit about courtroom procedure, look no further than “Perry Mason.” In a jury trial, fact witnesses can be asked what they saw, heard, did, and numerous other “facts” — but they cannot be asked to offer a conclusion on… Continue reading

The Bill of Rights

The “Bill of Rights” is made up of the first ten amendments to the U. S. Constitution. They are clear, concise and to the point. They are also critical to the endurance of our constitutional democracy. They are worth reading, perhaps now more than ever.… Continue reading

Penalty Points

As most drivers in Pennsylvania know, the Commonwealth maintains a point system for driver education and control which provides for the assessment of points against your license following a conviction of certain motor vehicle offenses. As a service to our readers we set forth below… Continue reading

Why We Need A Free Press

Our Constitution was signed in 1787 but it did not originally include some of our fundamental constitutional freedoms.  One of them, freedom of the press, is at the core of our modern democracy – – one of the “checks and balances” on our political process.… Continue reading

Groups of Animals

Full disclosure:  This article contains nothing about the law (except perhaps the law of the jungle).  Once in a while I see a topic that is just plain fun, and feel compelled to share it. So what do you call a group of geese?  A… Continue reading


Back in 1996 we began writing and publishing the BBCB “Law Update” and this is our 115th issue.  We started on a shoestring (and remain on one!) but always seek to produce thoughtful, original and sometimes mildly provocative reading.  That is what journalism is about… Continue reading

Recent Speaking Engagements

We are happy to report that on May 26, 2014, Rod Fluck of our office was a featured lecturer in a Pennsylvania Bar Institute statewide seminar on Shareholder Disputes.  Rod presented a lecture on issues involving business planning, shareholder agreements and business and tax aspects… Continue reading

Getting Settled In…

We are happy to report that the Firm’s move to Suite 108 came off “without a hitch” in early March.  We are now working comfortably in our new offices and reaping the benefits of a more efficient layout and improved office technology.  We encourage all… Continue reading

**Careful How You Address Us **

Effective March 1, 2014 there will be a slight change in our mailing address.  While our offices will remain in Building 630 at Freedom Business Center, our suite number will change, from Suite 212 on the second floor to Suite 108 on the first floor.… Continue reading