Monthly Archives: April 2009

Renovating Your Home? Get a Contract in Writing!

Renovating Your Home?  Get a Contract in Writing! So you are you considering adding a master bedroom, building a new garage, perhaps a new in-law suite or a finished basement? You have financing in place, and you have met a contractor that you like and… Continue reading

The Queen’s English

Old words with new meanings have a way of creeping into our consciousness.Some years ago when I heard a presidential assistant say of a cabinet appointee whose checkered past had become an embarrassment to the President, “We just didn’t vet him sufficiently,” I only vaguely… Continue reading

Watch Out For The 100% Penalty!

The Internal Revenue Code requires employers to withhold from wages and pay over to the government employment taxes at specified intervals. Because funds withheld from employee wages are not property of the employer but instead are earmarked for the government, they are commonly known as… Continue reading

Mortgage Contingency Update: A Helpful Court Decision

We recently reported on the “standard” mortgage contingency clause which the Pennsylvania Association of Realtors (“PAR”) has promulgated in its form residential agreement of sale which is used widely.  The form provides that if the mortgage contingency fails, it is the seller, not the buyer,… Continue reading

The Local Taypayers Bill of Rights

Most people view tax season as “over” on April 15.  However, in reality, a taxpayer’s issues with the taxing authority may only just begin on that date.  No one looks forward to a tax dispute with local taxing authorities, but it is comforting to know… Continue reading