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Pennsylvania Drivers: The Point System

Most Pennsylvania drivers know that PennDOT maintains a “point system” of driver education and control.  If you accumulate 6 points for driving infractions you will have to take and pass a written safety examination.  A second accumulation of 6 points earns you a trip to… Continue reading

(Potential) Custody Court for Pets in Pennsylvania

If your marriage is rocky but your pet is still dearly beloved, there may be good news on the way.  Pennsylvania HB 1432 would, upon the request of either party, require a family law judge to provide for the possession or care, or both, of… Continue reading

Postnuptial Agreements

Beyond the emotional, painful experience of the divorce itself, comes the difficult task of dividing marital property between husband and wife. Although it may be a delicate problem for spouses to discuss, it is often useful to have your lawyer draft a Postnuptial Agreement which… Continue reading

What is a Temporary Restraining Order?

Recently in the news there has been much talk about “temporary restraining orders”, particularly in connection with the suspension of the President’s “travel ban” by various federal courts. So what is a temporary restraining order (“TRO”)? A TRO is a type of injunction issued by… Continue reading

Pennsylvania Bicycle Law: Rider Beware!

Many people do not realize that there are laws which apply to riding your bicycle in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. Here are a few things you might want to be aware of before your next ride: Bicycles are considered “vehicles” under the Pennsylvania Motor Vehicle… Continue reading

Expungement and Access to Criminal Records

Expungement is the term used to mean removal of criminal records from governmental files.  The most common use of expungement is in cases of DUI where a criminal arrest record may be removed following an ARD disposition which does not involve an actual conviction of… Continue reading

Gun Owners: Beware Negligent Storage Liability

Gun ownership in Pennsylvania carries with it certain safety obligations, and these go beyond simply not pointing your gun at others. In addition to the obligation to transport and use your gun carefully and safely, you also have an obligation to store your gun in… Continue reading

Anatomy of the Health Care Directive

At various times in this newsletter, we have advised individuals to obtain an advanced health care directive and health care power of attorney.  Understandably, most people want their wishes to be known regarding end of life decisions and would not want these decisions placed in… Continue reading

Good Neighbors

Restaurateurs and tavern owners have a duty to be respectful of their neighbors.  The Pennsylvania Liquor Code regulates activity occurring under the licensee’s control on or about any licensed establishment, especially if that activity is at all related to the licensed facility.  The Pennsylvania State… Continue reading

Long Term Care Insurance – A Basic Guide for the Perplexed

Brace yourself for these statistics.  According to an April 14, 2014 Wall Street Journal article, 58% of men 65 years of age or older will need long term care.  On average they will require 2.2 years of care.  Even more starkly, 79% of women age… Continue reading