Monthly Archives: October 2017

If You are in a Car Accident…

Here are some basic tips to remember if you should have the misfortune of being in a car accident: Safety first – get yourself (and your vehicle, if possible) out of harm’s way. Call the police and report the accident. Assist others involved in the… Continue reading

Planning for Your Digital Estate

For better or worse, an increased number of our financial and personal activities are conducted and logged on-line. This can prove difficult when a person dies or becomes incapacitated. Activities as varied as the relatively unimportant maintenance (or shutting down) of a Facebook account, accessing… Continue reading

Auction Notice – November 2017

The Liquor Control Board will be releasing 50 “R” licenses for auction. Bids for the licenses are due by noon on Thursday, November 9, 2017. Bids will be opened Thursday, November 16, 2017 and auction winners will be determined soon thereafter. This auction includes 50… Continue reading

Co-Ownership of Property: Title Matters

When more than one person owns property they are referred to as “co-tenants”. How co-tenants own the property can vary – and can determine what happens to the property when one of them dies or when a creditor comes after the property to satisfy a… Continue reading

What is a Motion in Limine?

As a civil lawsuit becomes ready for trial the trial lawyers start to think about what evidence they intend to present to the jury to prove or defend their case. Evidence is typically developed during the discovery process where witnesses are deposed and documents, photographs… Continue reading

Objection! Calls for a “Conclusion”

If you want to learn a bit about courtroom procedure, look no further than “Perry Mason.” In a jury trial, fact witnesses can be asked what they saw, heard, did, and numerous other “facts” — but they cannot be asked to offer a conclusion on… Continue reading

The Bill of Rights

The “Bill of Rights” is made up of the first ten amendments to the U. S. Constitution. They are clear, concise and to the point. They are also critical to the endurance of our constitutional democracy. They are worth reading, perhaps now more than ever.… Continue reading

Wet vs. Dry Municipalities

Dry municipalities are those that do not allow the sale of wine, spirits and/or malt and brewed beverages within their borders.  Dry municipalities have existed in Pennsylvania dating back to before Prohibition.  At the end of Prohibition in 1933, state law made alcohol sales a… Continue reading