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What is Gaming/Gambling According to the LCB? And Why Does it Matter?

Gambling is permitted in many Pennsylvania businesses licensed by the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board (“LCB”). The most obvious example is casinos which offer a myriad of games for their patrons.  There is also a special permit available to certain licensees from the LCB called a… Continue reading

The Queen’s English – Ever-Evolving Meanings

Drawing on Benjamin Dreyer’s “Peeves and Crotchats” in his Dreyer’s English, what follows are comments on common usage and mis-usage in some cases. Artisanal.  It’s difficult to be in almost any kind of a store and not encounter this term, especially in describing food products. … Continue reading

Update on Subsequent Home Purchaser’s Claim for Breach of Warranty of Habitability

In a previous edition of this newsletter we reported on the case of Conway v. Cutler, in which the Pennsylvania Superior Court held that a second (or subsequent) purchaser of a home could bring a claim against the builder of a home for a breach… Continue reading

The Importance of a Will

In 2017 AARP published an article on a study that found that sixty percent of adult Americans do not have a will.  What this statistic implies from state to state varies in the detail.  However, on a general level we can state what it means… Continue reading

(Potential) Custody Court for Pets in Pennsylvania

If your marriage is rocky but your pet is still dearly beloved, there may be good news on the way.  Pennsylvania HB 1432 would, upon the request of either party, require a family law judge to provide for the possession or care, or both, of… Continue reading

Non-Recourse Loans

A “non-recourse loan” is a loan where the bank’s right of recovery is generally limited to recovery against a particular piece of collateral, usually a mortgaged piece of real estate.  A standard loan includes documents such as a Note, a Mortgage, and a Guaranty.  The… Continue reading