Monthly Archives: April 2015

8 Ways to Reduce Your Insurance Bill

The cost of property insurance and automobile insurance seems to go up every year. However, there are a few ways that you can fight back. Here is a list of 8 suggestions for containing your insurance costs: ♦     Review the coverage amount of… Continue reading

Statutes of Limitation

A statute of limitation is a law or rule that requires specific types of claims to be brought in court within a certain time frame, or be forever barred.  Some limitation periods are short; others can be longer.  Here is a chart showing the applicable… Continue reading

Queen’s English…I Said It (and said it, and said it)

I remember well the first time I heard the word “redundancy” in high school.  For me it was something of a revelation; conservation has always appealed to me, and Mr. Schaffer, our English teacher, was showing us how to conserve words! As a lawyer I… Continue reading

Sidewalk Trip-and-Fall — Who’s Liable?

Although the public has a right-of-way to use a sidewalk adjacent to a homeowner’s residence, the homeowner has an obligation to maintain the sidewalk so that pedestrians using it will not be at risk.  This includes removing ice or snow within a reasonable period after… Continue reading

Pennsylvania Taxes in Comparison

The Tax Foundation, which describes itself as a “non-partisan research think tank, based in Washington, D.C.”, has recently published its annual survey of state taxes, which allows the reader to compare taxes of the various states and the relative tax burdens that fall on the… Continue reading

Restaurant Reviews in the New Age of Social Media

Once upon a time consumers would turn to reviews written by professional critics when making decisions about things such as patronizing restaurants or attending a movie or show.  Reviewers were professionals who usually had some expertise in the subject being critiqued and a professional reputation… Continue reading