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Disclosure to a Buyer of Residential Property

The doctrine of caveat emptor (let the buyer beware) in the sale of residential real estate has been  eroded steadily over the years by changes in the law.  One of the most significant changes has been an increased responsibility for sellers to timely disclose to… Continue reading

Why the “Housing Bubble” is Overhyped

 Why the “Housing Bubble” is Overhyped The current flat trend in the housing market (actually a down trend in some areas) may not be as serious as the current crop of economic talking heads might have you believe.  Those likely to feel the biggest effect… Continue reading

Whoops! There Goes Another Picture Window!

 Whoops!  There Goes Another Picture Window!   Is you hook your drive off of the third tee into an adjacent residence’s backyard, have you ever considered your potential liability if it bounces off the homeowner’s head?  It has become common in the past 25 years… Continue reading

What is Subrogation?

The legal doctrine of subrogation is invoked most often in the insurance industry.  It deals with the insurance company’s right to go after and recover from the party who caused a loss — after the insurer has paid out on its policy with its insured. … Continue reading

Queen’s English (Let’s Sneak This In)

Queen’s English    (Let’s Sneak This In) Is snuck a real word or should the past tense of sneak be sneaked? While sneaked is technically the correct word in the past tense and while apparently a majority of those in the know (professors, etc.) might condemn… Continue reading

Penalties for DUI

 Penalties for DUI It is that time of year again; and before you decide to get behind the wheel of your car, consider how much cheer you have consumed.  In 2003, Pennsylvania lowered the amount of Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) necessary to be considered “Generally… Continue reading

Time for Latin Lovers

Time for Latin Lovers   Time plays an important role in both criminal and civil law, including establishing filing deadlines, forming the basis for statutes of limitation and providing the period within which contractual duties must be performed.  The Latin term ex tempore literally means… Continue reading