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Seller’s Property Disclosure Statement

Those of you who have sold a home in the last eight years may be aware of the requirement for providing a potential purchaser with a Seller’s Property Disclosure Statement prior to the signing of an Agreement of Sale. Nearly all residential real estate sales… Continue reading

Queen’s English Gift Me a Break!

Anyone who’s done any estate planning in recent years has discovered there is an almost universal new use of an old fashioned word. Life insurance agents, accountants, financial planners, and (yes!) lawyers have conspired to morph the word gift from a noun to a verb.… Continue reading

Latin Lovers

Ethics rules applicable to attorneys generally prohibit ex parte communications with judges in active cases. Literally, the term means “on one side only”, and the rule against ex parte communications is rooted in fundamental fairness. If a judge is to be an impartial arbiter, he… Continue reading

Exceptions to the Statute of Limitations

It seems every rule of law is subject to an exception, and statutes of limitation are no different. While statutes of limitation are usually enforced strictly, under certain circumstances the statute of limitations for bringing a civil claim will be “tolled”, in other words, prevented… Continue reading

Penalty Free IRA Withdrawals

Back in the early 1980s the Individual Retirement Arrangement (“IRA”) became a popular vehicle for individual workers to sock away up to $2,000 annually (the limit is now $3,000, soon to go up to $4,000) without current taxation. Earnings on these contributions would also accumulate… Continue reading

In Vitro Fertilization – – Who Pays?

With the relentless grim news and crises we face on a daily basis, sometimes we tend to trivialize the marvels in our midst. Among them are the many monumental scientific advances which have enhanced our daily existence; stunningly exotic on their announcement, they often become… Continue reading

Caveat Emptor: Protection Afforded by the Contingency

The purchase of residential real estate is the largest transaction many people ever engage in. All too often, the details of the written agreement become obscured by all the decisions that confront the buyer upon the purchase of a home. The purpose of this article… Continue reading

Welcome Sefco

BC&B is proud to announce that one of our corporate clients, Sefco AG, a Swiss manufacturer of cryogenic equipment, has commenced operations of its U.S. subsidiary, Sefco America, Inc. Sefco America is subleasing space here at 630 Freedom Business Center and its local office will… Continue reading

Latin Lovers

When a complaint is filed in court, there is often an allegation that the individual (non-corporate) parties are sui juris. What does this mean? If it is alleged that defendant John Doe is sui juris, it simply means that he is not under any legal… Continue reading

Property Tax in Pennsylvania and the Impact of Slot Machines

Pennsylvania’s local tax system has roots in English history and in the colonial times; however the present local tax system dates back to the mid-1960’s with the passage of legislation that allows local communities to raise their revenue from a myriad of tax sources given… Continue reading