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Condominium Living-Rule Breakers Take Heed

Condominium living isn’t for everyone. A unit owner in a condominium or planned community is governed by a number of rules contained in the declaration and bylaws, and the homeowners association runs the show, often with an iron hand. In my practice, I represent associations… Continue reading

The Fragility of Liens in Bankruptcy

In a past article we discussed how a mortgage does not “go away” in bankruptcy, and that is generally true of all liens-they pass through bankruptcy unaffected or, alternatively, the lien creditor may obtain relief from the stay and foreclose or otherwise proceed against the… Continue reading

What is a Unitrust and Why is it Used?

The typical trust arrangement provides for a beneficiary who receives all the income, usually in the form of interest and dividend during a set period (often his or her life).  Thereafter the assets in the trust are paid over to a “remainderman.”  As a fairly generic… Continue reading

Know Your Customer

We handle a fair number of commercial collection cases for our business clients, and for many of them we offer suggestions to minimize the risk of nonpayment for goods and services.  Some of these suggestions include: requiring personal guarantees from the principals of the business;… Continue reading

Who’s on Top? Tenants, Subordination and Foreclosure

It is a standard provision in nearly every lease that the lease will be “subordinate” to the lien of any mortgage on the leased property.  While there are variations on exactly what the lease might say and exactly what problems may arise, this seemingly boiler-plate… Continue reading


Back in 1996 we began writing and publishing the BBCB “Law Update” and this is our 115th issue.  We started on a shoestring (and remain on one!) but always seek to produce thoughtful, original and sometimes mildly provocative reading.  That is what journalism is about… Continue reading

Beer Delivery in Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania is usually recognized as having some of the most strict alcohol rules in the country; however, an opinion by the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board in December of last year may demonstrate a loosening of some of those strict rules.   The LCB opinion declares that… Continue reading