Monthly Archives: December 2012

Exemptions from Attachment: A Last Resort for Debtors and a Planning Factor for Creditors

It is, of course, preferable not to be sued, and if you are sued, it is obviously better to win your case and not have a judgment entered against you.  The judgment itself is bad for your credit, but the execution proceedings that may follow… Continue reading

The Queen’s English Tis the Season: Some Old Chestnuts

        (a)          “Bring and take: the New York mistake.” (A charming, and true, ditty). If the object to be moved is there, and I’m here, I say to the person who’s there, “Bring me the book.”  If the object is here, and it is to… Continue reading

Hold the Lemonade!

In 1958 Pennsylvania adopted the Automobile Lemon Law which requires a manufacturer to “repair or correct” a new car that has any “non-conformity which substantially impairs the use, value, or safety” of a new car within the manufacturer’s warranty or the first 12,000 miles, whichever… Continue reading

Bar Bikers Beware

        We have heard about so-called “Biker Bars” and today we will coin a new term: “Bar Bikers.”  Bar Bikers are people who ride their bikes to the bar, have a few drinks, and later ride off on their “merry” way.  Bar Bikers can be… Continue reading

Builders of Homes Liable to Subsequent Purchaser for Breach of Warranty of Habitability

          Pennsylvania case law had previously decided that there is an “implied warranty of habitability” for new homes purchased from a builder.  An “implied warranty of habitability” is an assurance that the home is suitable for human living.            The courts extended that… Continue reading

Latin Lovers for Typists

        “Stet” is a Latin word meaning “let it stand.”  It’s traditionally used as a proofreader’s mark or direction to a typist or typesetter.  The instruction means that a previous change should be ignored and the text should be left in its original condition.  Thus,… Continue reading

The New Year’s Checklist for Employers

The New Year is an opportunity for business owners to review various aspects of their business and to make changes to improve its operation.   One issue an owner may want to evaluate is whether it has an employee policy manual otherwise known as an employee… Continue reading