Monthly Archives: February 2013

What Happened to My Mechanic’s Lien?

In this economy, contractors and subcontractors occasionally decide to file a mechanic’s lien claim without any assistance from a lawyer.  When it works, I am sure there are high-fives throughout the office with someone invariably questioning why the involvement of a lawyer would ever be… Continue reading

Legislature Further Clarifies Rules about a Municipality’s Release of a Developer’s Improvements Mon

When a municipality approves a new subdivision or land development, the law requires that the developer post financial security to guarantee completion of public improvements (roads, curbs, sidewalks, sewer and water lines, etc.).  Financial security may be posted in various forms, including an escrow account… Continue reading

Buying a Business

With the improving economy we seem to be witnessing an uptick in the sale and purchase of small and medium-sized businesses.  Banks are lending once again and potential buyers are more optimistic about the future of our economy.  Sale of business transactions virtually ground to… Continue reading

Full Tort Auto Injury Coverage Expanded (A Bit)

Consistently through the years we have in this paper urged all who are purchasing automobile liability insurance to opt for full tort coverage under the Motor Vehicle Financial Responsibility Law (“MVFRL”) (as opposed to limited tort).  It will cost you a higher premium (approximately 20%… Continue reading

Once Again, Major Changes to Liquor Sales are Proposed

In February 3rd, Governor Corbett announced his most recent plan to privatize the sale of alcoholic beverages in Pennsylvania.  Under the Governor’s proposal he expects the State to raise $1 billion dollars over a three to four-year period by selling and auctioning wholesale and retail… Continue reading

Federal Estate Taxes

For those of you who resisted jumping off the fiscal cliff the news in the estate planning area is mixed but mostly pretty good.  While the rate of tax on federally taxable estates has been raised, most of the uncertainty that we have been living… Continue reading