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**Careful How You Address Us **

Effective March 1, 2014 there will be a slight change in our mailing address.  While our offices will remain in Building 630 at Freedom Business Center, our suite number will change, from Suite 212 on the second floor to Suite 108 on the first floor.… Continue reading

Business Debt Collection

We are sometimes asked to assist our business clients with collecting overdue receivables from their customers and clients – typically balances which are over 90 days past due.  A collection case usually goes through several stages, each one ratcheting up the pressure on the delinquent… Continue reading

Careful with Installment Sales

In our estates practice we frequently find debts held in an Estate that are owed by a family member. Frequently these loans are forgiven or are distributed out to a debtor child pursuant to the terms of the decedents Will.  Even when such debts are… Continue reading

Pay Attention to your Loan Terms – A Case Study

Several years ago we were approached by an individual who was having trouble with her bank.  She had paid her commercial mortgage debt each and every month for over 10 years.  However, her credit had deteriorated for personal reasons and she had allegedly violated certain… Continue reading

Streamline Your Estate if you Own Out-Of-State Real Estate

Out-of-state real estate often presents an additional obstacle (and cost) for many estates.  When a resident of Pennsylvania dies with an out-of-state property titled solely in his name or with a fractional portion of a property titled to him as “tenant-in-common”, that property or fractional… Continue reading

Small Games of Chance

Last year Governor Corbett signed into law an update to the Local Option Small Games of Chance Act which took effect in late January.  The revised law allows liquor licensees with hotel (H), restaurant (R), and privately owned public golf course (C) licenses to obtain… Continue reading

The Queen’s English – Beat Them Back If You Can

In the last Sunday of December of each year in the New York Times, Timothy Egan provides us with a list of words which might have been colorful at one time but whose overuse has caused them to become pallid clichés and candidates for his… Continue reading

Latin Lovers 2014

Most lawsuits are personal in nature, reflecting claims brought against individuals or legal entities such as corporations, limited liability companies and the like (all of which are considered legal “persons”).  Such personal claims are referred to as in personam actions.  There is another form of… Continue reading