Monthly Archives: October 2015

Insurance Salesmen: Dispense Financial Advice at Your Own Risk

In the recently decided case of Yenchi v. Ameriprise Financial, Inc. et al, the Pennsylvania Superior Court held that an insurance agent selling an insurance policy could, under the right circumstances, expose himself or herself to liability as a fiduciary of the individuals buying the… Continue reading

What is an Estoppel Certificate?

If you own commercial real estate which is tenant occupied and you seek to sell your property or obtain financing secured by the property you will likely be asked to supply your buyer or your lender with an estoppel certificate.  So what is it? Before… Continue reading

Does a Will Need to be Witnessed?

Not normally, at least in Pennsylvania.  This question comes up surprisingly often and usually in the case where there is a “homemade” will (that is, one prepared without a lawyer). In Pennsylvania the generally applicable signing requirement is that “(e)very will shall be in writing… Continue reading

Groups of Animals

Full disclosure:  This article contains nothing about the law (except perhaps the law of the jungle).  Once in a while I see a topic that is just plain fun, and feel compelled to share it. So what do you call a group of geese?  A… Continue reading

Off-Site Catering has Become Pop-Up Beer Gardens

In recent years Pennsylvanians have seen the rise of the so called “pop-up” beer garden, particularly in the Philadelphia area.  These pop-up beer gardens often operate on vacant lots or in open areas otherwise under-utilized and are open seasonally from the late spring to early… Continue reading

Business “Divorce”

Unfortunately, like many marriages, businesses frequently end in “divorce.”  The reasons for the demise of a business can range from petty disputes involving ego to deep seated financial problems.  Deadlocks as to the direction and operation of a company can cause substantial emotional distress as… Continue reading