Monthly Archives: June 2015

Queen’s English – Each Is

Using the noun each properly can be a challenge.  Because it is often followed by a prepositional phrase referring to a plural noun, the temptation is to use a plural verb with it.  “Each of the team members has his own helmet.”  There is a… Continue reading

Beer Distributors Can Now Sell 12-Packs

On March 6, 2015, the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board’s Office of Chief Counsel issued a legal advisory informing brewers that they may sell “original containers” to distributors as long as the container contains at least 128 fluid ounces. Those original containers may then be sold… Continue reading

What is Interpleader? (Stuck in the Middle Again…

Interpleader is a legal remedy designed to protect a stakeholder caught between two competing claimants who have sued or threatened to sue the stakeholder to recover money or other property.  Easy to say but not always easy to comprehend. Perhaps the best way to understand… Continue reading

Anatomy of the Health Care Directive

At various times in this newsletter, we have advised individuals to obtain an advanced health care directive and health care power of attorney.  Understandably, most people want their wishes to be known regarding end of life decisions and would not want these decisions placed in… Continue reading

Employment Law Update: Employees Having Direct Contact with Children

Prior to December 31, 2014, prospective employees of child-care service providers, day cares and the like were required to complete a three-part criminal background investigation and thereafter, based on those reports, be cleared by the employer before beginning employment. Beginning December 31, 2014 however, the… Continue reading