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New (Lower) 2018 Tax Brackets

Here are the new tax bracket percentages applicable to your 2018 income for federal tax purposes; the previous (2017) brackets are shown for comparison:

New Penalties for Repeat Drunk Drivers

The Commonwealth is continuing to crack down on drunk drivers, particularly those with prior DWI offenses. As of December 23, 2018: a person convicted of a third DWI offense with a blood alcohol level (BAC) of .16 or higher or a fourth (or subsequent) DWI… Continue reading

Keeping a Liquor License Safe While it is in Safekeeping

When a licensed establishment is closed for renovation or is damaged by natural disaster or when the business has to close for economic reasons, there are actions the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board (“LCB”) requires of the licensee. Any licensed establishment closed for fifteen days or… Continue reading

Buy/Sell Agreements in Closely Held Businesses

Buy/Sell Agreements are agreements between owners of a business that determine how and when owners may sell or be bought out of a business entity. In the case of partnership or a limited liability company, buy/sell provisions are typically embedded into, respectively, the partnership agreement… Continue reading

Queen’s English – An Optional Plural and Circular Reasoning

Our first topic concerns money, and its plural.  Is moneys (or monies) a correct plural of the word, or is money one of those words that has both a singular and plural meaning?   It is unlikely that upon hearing the price of a bauble at a Tiffany counter, you would respond, “I… Continue reading

RAMP Requirements vs RAMP Certification

Pennsylvania liquor licensees are required to have the owner or the “premises manager” certified under the Responsible Alcohol Management Program (“RAMP”) within 6 months of becoming an owner or becoming the premises manager. Additionally any employee hired on or after Aug. 8, 2016 who serves or… Continue reading

Your 2018 Tax Return: Itemize or Not?

One of the biggest changes coming out of the new Federal tax law involves the so-called “standard deduction” available to individual taxpayers. For years prior to 2018, middle and higher income taxpayers would almost always itemize deductions (such as mortgage interest, state and local taxes,… Continue reading