Monthly Archives: June 2013

Micro Producers of Alcohol

Most of us are familiar with the micro-beer movement which is characterized by small, independent and traditional breweries that produce craft beers in limited quantities.  The products of such breweries are often tailored to specific tastes and regions.  Similarly, the limited winery or boutique winery… Continue reading

Has your Car Suffered “Diminished Value”?

The concept of money damages for “diminished value” (beyond the cost of repair) as a result of repairs to a motor vehicle following an automobile accident is becoming more widespread and more well known. Assume that as you were driving your two year old vehicle… Continue reading

Is Your Will Over 3 Years Old?

When was the last time you looked at your will?  If it is more than a few years old, recent legislation, coupled with changes in your own circumstances, may have caused your existing will to become obsolete.  Consider: Many older wills typically used complicated trust… Continue reading

Legislature Resolves Landlord’s Dilemma Regarding Abandoned Property

In the past, we often received calls from landlord clients about what to do with personal property that tenants have left on the leased premises.  In many cases, the landlord had already arranged for a new tenant and was not certain about his or her… Continue reading

The Queen’s (Somewhat Fractured) English

The Queen’s (Somewhat Fractured) English Among the many gifts Baseball has bestowed upon us are two notable philosophers, Casey Stengel and Yogi Berra.  Both have left a legacy of wonderful aphorisms, which often appear to be contradictory, but somehow most make sense.  You judge. Casey: Most… Continue reading

Non-Cash Contributions to Limited Liability Companies

We are frequently met with a situation where one or more individuals wish to form a limited liability company to engage in a new business or real estate enterprise.  Limited liability companies are preferred vehicles for many such endeavors because they combine low maintenance and… Continue reading

Parenting Coordinators: A Good Concept Gone Awry?

Courtroom angst often rises to extreme heights in proceedings involving custody of children.  Most of these cases are ancillary to divorce actions which have the parents embittered before they ever walk into the courtroom. Add to that the parties’ fear of having custody of their… Continue reading