Monthly Archives: February 2011

Major Changes Proposed for the Liquor Control Board

The Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board has been criticized broadly for years for many of its policies, perhaps none more than those involving retail sales of wine and liquor.  The complaints are usually that prices are too high and selection too limited.  With a new administration… Continue reading

Pardon v. Expungement

Governor Ed Rendell will be leaving the Governor’s Mansion next month to make way for Governor Elect Tom Corbett.  One of the Governor’s powers is to grant pardons of convicted criminals.   Usually a change in the executive administration brings with it a rash of pardons… Continue reading

Queen’s English – Historically Speaking

Lawyers are often criticized for redundantly repeating themselves.  (That last sentence is an illustration.)  Some of these repetitive word formulas are deeply engrained in the law; and although they may be of no value now, they did serve a historical purpose.  As examples, if you… Continue reading

Have A Will, Keep It Current

A 2007 study by an affiliate of Martindale-Hubbell found that over one-half of adult Americans do not have a will.  What this statistic implies from state to state varies in the detail.  However, on a general level we can state what it means in Pennsylvania. First,… Continue reading

Latin Lovers Meets Truth or Consequences

Trial judges and juries are often faced with having to make judgments about the credibility of a witness’s testimony.  There are certain rules, however, which make this task a bit simpler. Falsus in uno, falsus in omnibus is a term which literally means “false in… Continue reading

Using Experts in Personal Injury Cases

The use of experts in personal injury cases is a very important and valuable weapon in a lawyer’s arsenal to pursue recovery aggressively on behalf of an injured client.  While the costs of experts can be significant, those costs are often more than justified by… Continue reading

We Have a Tax Code. Yea! Boo!

In 2001 Congress adopted a Tax Code revision which for technical reasons expired after ten years.  The parties have been at loggerheads over permanent revisions to the Code; as far back as 2005, I wrote here that a resolution seemed near.  Perhaps in terms of… Continue reading

Avoiding Collection Problems

With the extended economic downturn we have witnessed a substantial increase in the number of collection cases that we are handling for our clients.  While we are more than happy to handle collection matters we also believe that we owe it to our clients to… Continue reading

What are the Statutes of Limitation?

A statute of limitation is a law enacted by a state or the Federal Government which sets the maximum period which can elapse during which a lawsuit may be filed. The periods vary by jurisdiction. The limitations can range from as little as six months to… Continue reading

Oral Modification of a Written Lease

At one time or another most of us become involved in leases of real estate.  The leased property might be an apartment or house (at the shore during summer months) or an office or manufacturing facility for business purposes.  Leases can involve significant financial obligations,… Continue reading