Monthly Archives: January 2010

The Office Holiday Party and Legal Liability

Most companies host some sort of traditional holiday or end-of-year party in December as a chance for employees to relax and celebrate the festive season together.  Holiday parties are a great way for business owners to help employee morale and make employees feel appreciated. Employers,… Continue reading

Let the Litigant Beware

When a newspaper reports that a judgment has been entered by default against PepsiCo, Inc. for $1.26 billion in Wisconsin, you may tend to dismiss it as something that has no effect on you and skip to the next article. However, the lesson learned by… Continue reading

The Expanded and Extended Homebuyer’s Tax Credit

Congress and President Obama have recently extended and modified the “first-time” homebuyer tax credit.  The new credit is broader in scope than the previous credit, and now, in addition to the first-time homebuyer credit, there is also a “long-time resident” buyer credit.   For the… Continue reading

Lease Guarantees – How to Preserve Them

It is commonplace for landlords to ask for and obtain guaranties of their tenant’s lease obligations.  Such guaranties are useful to almost all landlords, whether the lease in question is for a large commercial space in a shopping center or is a much smaller transaction,… Continue reading

The Law of Broken Engagements

In case you were ever wondering about this, engagement rings are treated as “conditional gifts” under Pennsylvania law.  As a legal matter, the purchaser/giver of the ring is entitled to recovery of the ring, if the engagement is called off.  In case you were further… Continue reading

Estate Tax Watch (continued)

Ever since Congress modified the federal estate tax in 2000, we have been predicting additional changes because the provisions of the 2000 Act were (to be charitable) unusual.  The Act provided that the personal exemption for each person on death would gradually increase to $3,500,000… Continue reading

The Queen’s English – I Said That…Maybe

lan Greenspan, former Chairman of the Federal Reserve, was quoted regarding the Consumer Price Index, “I can’t say with great confidence, but I can say that what data we have does not suggest that the July rise will not be repeated in the month of… Continue reading

Year End Gift Planning

Year End Gift Planning   One of the best ways to avoid the federal estate tax is to make gifts before you die, so that the money or property is not in your estate when you die.  For the year 2009 the Internal Revenue Code… Continue reading

Wegmans Pops a Cork to Celebrate Its New Store

An innovative supermarket has sparked a legal battle in Pennsylvania.   Wegmans, the high-end supermarket chain, recently opened a new store near Collegeville. This location marks the seventy-fourth store in its chain and the fourteenth in Pennsylvania. Wegmans stores usually boast coffee shops, bakeries, and… Continue reading

New Business Planning – An Opportunity

A new day in business appears to be in the offing.  Many of America’s top companies, such as Microsoft, Southwest Airlines and HP,  began when the economy was coming out of a downturn. Have you been thinking about starting your own business?  Are you aware of the… Continue reading