Monthly Archives: August 2016

PA Wage Payment and Collection Law

The Pennsylvania Wage Payment and Collection Law (“WPCL”) provides a statutory cause of action for employees against employers and responsible individuals; it allows an employee to sue for unpaid wages and recover additional damages of 25% of the unpaid amount and counsel fees. The WPCL… Continue reading

Negotiating Easements

An easement is a right to use or control a portion of one parcel of real estate for the benefit of another parcel.  An important distinguishing point between easements and most other agreements is that easements actually benefit and burden the parcels of property (not… Continue reading

The Current State of Intermunicipal Liquor License Transfers

In the past we have reported on the process for transferring liquor licenses. Since 2000, the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board (“LCB”) has permitted Restaurant (“R”) licenses and Eating Place (“E”) licenses to be transferred outside of the municipality where they are located to another municipality… Continue reading

Suggestions for Financial Well-Being

Here are some simple suggestions to consider in the coming year to improve your financial picture: Eliminate high interest credit card debt by refinancing or using a home equity second mortgage at much lower interest rates. The interest may become deductible and the overall interest… Continue reading

Securing Promises to Pay

A promise to pay money can arise in many contexts.  If you buy a car on credit, you promise to make the monthly payments plus interest in a promissory note.  If you sell your business, the buyer may promise to pay a portion of the… Continue reading

What is RAMP Training?

RAMP is the LCB’s “Responsible Alcohol Management Program” designed to train and certify owners, managers and servers of alcoholic beverages in Pennsylvania in proper alcohol sale and service procedures. These include such things as proper identification checks, detecting fake or fraudulent I.D. documents, identifying signs… Continue reading