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Closing Time…You Don’t Have to Go Home, But You Can‘t Stay Here

The Pennsylvania Liquor Code requires that all patrons vacate a licensed establishment no later than one half hour after the conclusion of the legal alcoholic beverage service time. Alcohol service times vary based on the type of license. Licensed hotels, licensed restaurants, licensed airports, licensed… Continue reading

Shareholder Derivative Suit

If a shareholder of a corporation observes that a third party has caused harm to the corporation and if the corporation will not act to address that harm, then a shareholder may have some rights to act on behalf of the corporation. The vehicle to… Continue reading

Eviction for Certain Illegal Activity

Typically, a lease will provide that the tenant will use the leased premises only for legal purposes. What if you happen to have a really bad tenant and a really poorly drafted lease? Don’t give up hope. Here are three possible approaches direct from the… Continue reading

Latin Lovers – A Little This, A Little That…

In the law of contracts, in order for a contract to be enforceable it must be supported by “consideration”. There must be some quid-pro-quo between the contracting parties. The Latin phrase quid-pro-quo means literally “this for that” – signifying an exchange of one thing or… Continue reading

Franchisor/Franchisee Relations in Pennsylvania – – Redressing the Balance of Power

Except for specific regulations that apply to certain businesses such as car dealerships or beer distributors, the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania engages in very little regulation of the franchisor/franchisee relationship. Although it is commonly assumed that the franchisor holds disproportionate power in this relationship and it… Continue reading

Landlords and Property Owners: Inspect and Maintain Your Properties!

Personal injury lawsuits brought by tenants and their invitees are often based upon the owner/landlord’s failure to inspect and remedy dangerous conditions on the property. The most common conditions leading to personal injury lawsuits include the following: Dangerous surface conditions on sidewalks and pedestrian areas,… Continue reading

The Queen’s English – Compliments and Complements

Compliment and complement, both as verbs and as nouns, when spoken, sound alike and are nearly identical in their spelling; however, they differ substantially in meaning. Compliment as a verb is to make a laudatory comment (“The teacher complimented the class on the high quality… Continue reading