Monthly Archives: November 2019

Off-Premises Catering Permits

Restaurant, Hotel, Brew Pub, and Eating Place licensees are entitled to apply for an “Off Premises Catering Permit” (“OPCP”).  For an annual application fee of $500.00 to the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board (PLCB) qualified licensees are permitted to hold a “catered function” off their licensed… Continue reading

Bah Humbug

The Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board (“PLCB”) recognizes that it is common practice, especially during the Holiday Season, for many businesses to provide gifts or other things of value as a gesture of goodwill or appreciation for receiving quality customer service. While the sentiment behind such… Continue reading

Protection from Mortgages “Due on Sale”

Mortgages almost universally have “due on sale” clauses in the event that a mortgaged property is transferred, which require that the entire “accelerated” balance of the mortgage be paid at the time of the transfer.  This is fine in the case of a sale of… Continue reading

Insult to Injury: Bankruptcy Preference Claims

If you run a business which sells goods or services on credit you may eventually receive a notice that one of your customers has filed for bankruptcy protection, owing you money for the goods or services previously supplied.  (That is the insult.)  The real problem… Continue reading

Life Insurance Planning And Estate Taxes

Who should be the owner and beneficiary of your life insurance policy? The answer depends on tax and property considerations and on what it actually means to be the owner of the policy. A life insurance policy is issued to an “applicant” who may be… Continue reading