Monthly Archives: June 2016

Queen’s English – Shakespeare, the Inventor

April of this year marked the 400th anniversary of William Shakespeare’s death. This remarkable man in his 52 years left an unmatched legacy. He’s been described as witty, appalling, perplexing, poetic, erotic, and profound. One more remarkable quality was his ability to create or at… Continue reading

Planning for Out-Of-State Real Estate on Death

Most people’s estates are probated in the state (and county) where the decedent resided. For decedent’s who owned real estate in a state where the decedent does not reside, the situation can be more involved. Typically, such out-of-state holdings will result in probating of the… Continue reading

What is “Strict Liability”?

Proving a criminal or civil case normally requires proving the mental state of the defendant, specifically showing that the defendant intended to commit the act for which he or she is being prosecuted. State of mind usually plays an important part in criminal or civil… Continue reading

Landmark Changes to the Liquor Code

In December we reported that the Pennsylvania Senate had approved liquor reforms that were acceptable to the Governor, but that the Pennsylvania Legislature had yet to approve any such change. In June, the Legislature finally passed the Liquor Reform Bill and on June 8, 2016,… Continue reading

Misbehaving Agents Under a Power of Attorney

Individuals often question the actions of agents acting under another family member’s power of attorney. Complaints can arise during the course of the family member’s life, but more often the questions seem to arise after a parent passes, when the heirs wonder where the estate… Continue reading

Criminal Law: What is a Preliminary Hearing?

If you are arrested in Pennsylvania and charged with a serious crime, such as a misdemeanor or felony, a preliminary hearing before a magistrate will be scheduled promptly. In the first instance, the purpose of a preliminary hearing is to protect the right of the… Continue reading