Monthly Archives: April 2014

Long Term Care Insurance – A Basic Guide for the Perplexed

Brace yourself for these statistics.  According to an April 14, 2014 Wall Street Journal article, 58% of men 65 years of age or older will need long term care.  On average they will require 2.2 years of care.  Even more starkly, 79% of women age… Continue reading

Negotiating Commercial Leases

Our Firm often becomes involved with negotiating commercial leases on behalf of landlords and tenants (never at the same time of course!).  There are several important areas which invariably become central to the negotiation.  Here are some of the many questions which need to be… Continue reading

Estate Planning for Married Couples on the Move

Our normal process for new estate planning clients is to have them complete an Estate Planning Questionnaire.  Normally, most of the questions on this form arouse no comments.  However one question often does pique the interest of married clients; that is the question of whether… Continue reading

Serious Motor Vehicle Infractions

As most Pennsylvania drivers know, the Commonwealth maintains a “point system” of driver “education” which assigns penalty points for various Vehicle Code violations.  An initial accumulation of 6 points qualifies you for driving school and a special examination.  Failure to attend and successfully complete the… Continue reading

Getting Settled In…

We are happy to report that the Firm’s move to Suite 108 came off “without a hitch” in early March.  We are now working comfortably in our new offices and reaping the benefits of a more efficient layout and improved office technology.  We encourage all… Continue reading

The Queen’s English – Shibboleths

In the Book of Judges 12:5-6, we learn that the original shibboleth was an arbitrary word that Jephthah used to spot his enemies: the Ephraimites had trouble with the sh sound, and when asked to pronounce a word with sh in it, they revealed they were enemy spies (“. . .… Continue reading