Monthly Archives: September 2008

A Brief Review of Product Warranties for Sellers and Buyers

All of us have bought products that have come with warranties.  Likewise, most of us, at one time or another, have made claims under warranties.  Nevertheless, how such warranties work and the interaction of various “warranty laws” is not always obvious. Even if you did… Continue reading

Jurisdiction in the Internet

Many of us have bought something over the Internet; indeed many of us have even listed items to sell on sites such as E-Bay or Craig’s List.  When a dispute arises as a result of a transaction that occurs over the Internet, where is that… Continue reading

Know Your Customers

If your business involves the sale of goods or services on open account (i.e., where you invoice your customer after the goods or services are provided) there may come a time when you have to resort to the court system to collect what is due. … Continue reading

Rental Losses for Real Estate Professionals

Many of you will read the title of this article and think, “but I am not a real estate professional.”  While you may not think of yourself as a real estate professional, the IRS may consider you one based on your real estate activities.  Recognizing… Continue reading

Latin Lovers

 We sometimes hear the phrase habeas corpus used in connection with criminal court cases but few people actually know what the words mean.  Historically, habeas corpus was a type of writ (court order) which required the bringing of a party or prisoner before the court… Continue reading

A Child Custody Alternative: The Parenting Coordinator

Child custody disputes are rarely resolved to the full satisfaction of both parties to a divorce; more often than not, neither party is completely happy with the final order or settlement agreement achieved by the parties.  It is the nature of compromise. Since it is… Continue reading

Queen’s English – Some Off-Beat Words You May Encounter

From time to time we encounter words whose meanings may be surprising or elusive; some illustrations (pronunciations are in parenthesis with accented syllables in capital letters):   Akimbo (uh-KIM-boh): With hands on hips, elbows bent outward (Benito Mussolini in World War II).   Avuncular (un-VUN-kyuh-ler):… Continue reading