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Landlord’s Right of Entry – Plan Ahead for Problems and Opportunities

In landlord/tenant law, the general rule is that until the termination of the lease, the tenant has exclusive control and possession of the premises.  Thus, the landlord has no right to enter the property during the term of the lease. To deal with this rule,… Continue reading

Latin Lovers

Some things are wrong because they are always wrong; other things are wrong only because the law says so. Acts that are malum in se (literally “wrong in itself”) are so inherently bad that all would agree that they should be punished.  Murder and robbery… Continue reading

Saying Goodbye to the Capital Stock Tax – Again

One of the staple planning tools for real estate investors in Pennsylvania is the use of a limited partnership to own real estate.  To retain the limited liability benefits that investors sought, these partnerships often featured a general partner that was a corporation or a… Continue reading

Quantum Meruit Claims: A Primer

One of the Hollywood moguls of the ’30’s coined the wonderful phrase:  “An oral contract isn’t worth the paper it’s written on.”  And that’s advice to be heeded.  A well-drafted agreement (on paper, of course!) can cause parties to avoid litigation in transactions that fail… Continue reading

Queen’s English – Superlative Adjectives

There are certain adjectives which express an ultimate thought and should not be modified further; they are the superlative or uncomparable adjectives.  They describe an absolute state so that any effort to add (or subtract) from their meanings results in either a contradiction or a… Continue reading

IRS Offers In Compromise

The Internal Revenue Service (“IRS”) has a little known program which provides for the settlement of tax debts for less than the full amount owed.  Eligible taxpayers with significant tax debt that they cannot pay can make what is known as an “Offer in Compromise”… Continue reading

Good Neighbors

Restaurateurs and tavern owners have a duty to be respectful of their neighbors.  The Pennsylvania Liquor Code regulates activity occurring under the licensee’s control on or about any licensed establishment, especially if that activity is at all related to the licensed facility.  The Pennsylvania State… Continue reading