Monthly Archives: March 2020

Serving Minors is a Major Problem

If you ask people what the drinking age is in Pennsylvania most will quickly answer 21.  Indeed, since prohibition was repealed in 1933, Pennsylvania’s legal drinking age has been 21 years of age. For a licensed establishment, serious penalties and fines occur when the licensee… Continue reading

10th Auction of Expired Restaurant Licenses Now Open

The bidding process for the tenth auction for expired restaurant licenses is now open.  The Commonwealth is offering 25 expired restaurant licenses in a sealed bid auction.  There will be one license offered in each of the following counties: Armstrong, Beaver, Berks, Blair, Bradford, Cameron,… Continue reading

Hiring in Philadelphia — Potential Employees and Salary History

It is now official, and, presumably, final.  Philadelphia employers now may not ask prospective employees about their salary history.  Specifically, an employer may not:  Ask for or about a job candidate’s wage history;  Require a disclosure of a job candidate’s wage history; Condition hiring on… Continue reading

Tax Changes for 2019

With April 15th coming up fast it might be a good time to look at some of the changes applicable to your 2019 federal tax return.  Compared to prior years, there are relatively few changes for individual taxpayers: Standard Deduction Increase.  For 2019 the standard… Continue reading

Negotiating and Litigating the “Business Divorce”

Co-ownership of a business is in many ways like a marriage, and unfortunately, it can sometimes end in “divorce.” The reasons for the demise of the relationship between business owners can range from petty, ego-driven disputes to deep seated financial problems. Deadlocks or irreconcilable conflicts… Continue reading

Latin Lovers: “Corpus Juris Secundum”

You don’t have to be Perry Mason to figure this one out because of the similarity of the Latin words—literally “body”, “law” and “second”. Corpus Juris Secundum (Body of the Law, Second Edition) is a well-known legal encyclopedia in use for many years, covering the… Continue reading

Pennsylvania Drivers: The Point System

Most Pennsylvania drivers know that PennDOT maintains a “point system” of driver education and control.  If you accumulate 6 points for driving infractions you will have to take and pass a written safety examination.  A second accumulation of 6 points earns you a trip to… Continue reading