Monthly Archives: October 2013

Liquor License Transfers

The Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board (“LCB”) issues, renews, or validates over 21,000 liquor licenses per year.  A license can be issued only  when there is both an owner (which can be either an individual or an entity) and a location for the license.  Licenses associated… Continue reading

Spot Assessments and Appeals by Local Bodies

In past articles, we have published notices of deadlines for property owners to appeal real estate assessments where they believe the assessments to be too high.  What if, due to changing market values or other causes, the assessment is too low? Real estate assessments are… Continue reading

Queen’s English – Those Pesky Homonyms

Homonyms, words that sound alike but are spelled differently, are sprinkled throughout English.  Here are some to test your ears Bill’s expression was marred by a nervous tic/tick. The resolution of the suspense peaked/piqued her interest. The story had two discreet/discrete endings The messenger might… Continue reading

The Black Box in Your New Car

It is not well known that 96% of all new vehicles sold in the United States this year will come equipped with a box known as an event data recorder, or commonly known as a “black box.”  The electronic device is designed to record the… Continue reading

Charitable Remainder Trusts

The Charitable Remainder Trust has become an increasingly popular vehicle for charitably minded individuals who are not quite ready to make outright gifts to charity.  These trusts essentially provide for a long-term stream of payments to the donor or other designated party, while at the… Continue reading

Protecting The Attorney-Client Privilege

The law recognizes certain communications as being so important as to warrant legal protection from mandatory disclosure in judicial proceedings.  We have all heard of the physician-patient privilege and the clergy-penitent privilege, but the law also recognizes a privilege between attorney and client which protects… Continue reading