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Lease Guaranties When They Should Be Used; What They Should Say and How to Preserve Them

It is commonplace for landlords to require guaranties of their tenants’ lease obligations. Such guaranties are useful to almost all landlords, whether the lease in question is for a large “anchor tenant” in a shopping center or a much smaller transaction, such as, for example… Continue reading

Can the Budget Deadlock in Harrisburg Lead to Liquor Reform?

In an effort to resolve the ongoing budget battle in Pennsylvania, The Pennsylvania Senate has passed a $30.3 billion Republican-backed state budget that calls for increases in the cigarette tax, new revenue from internet gaming and major changes to the liquor code. The Pennsylvania House… Continue reading

The Queen’s English Prepositions: Where They’re At

From Jack Lynch’s delightful The English Language – – A User’s Guide, the following bit of sage advice: Along with split infinitives, a favorite bugbear of the traditionalists is the rule that you should not end a sentence with a preposition. Whatever the merit of the rule —… Continue reading

Shipping Goods – Risk of Loss, Cost of Shipping, etc.

Shipping terms are vital for anyone in the business of producing goods. If you are a buyer or a seller, products need to arrive at a certain point, they need to arrive on time and they need to be intact and in good quality. All… Continue reading


We have all experienced the sudden movement of a train or bus upon boarding and while wending our way to a seat. As we lurch, we reach out to grab the closest pole or overhead straps to steady ourselves and to prevent our being tossed… Continue reading

Retirement Contribution Limits (It’s Not Too Late!)

The following chart illustrates the contribution limits for retirement plans for calendar years 2015 and 2016: Plan Type                               Contribution Limit IRA (under 50)              … Continue reading

Planning for Your Digital Estate

In the current environment, more and more of our financial and even personal activities are carried on on-line, and more and more data about ourselves is located (sometimes exclusively) on-line. This can prove difficult when a person dies or becomes incapacitated. Activities as varied as… Continue reading