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Know Your Customer

We handle a fair number of commercial collection cases for our business clients, and for many of them we offer suggestions to minimize the risk of nonpayment for goods and services.  Some of these suggestions include: requiring personal guarantees from the principals of the business;… Continue reading

Quantum Meruit Claims: A Primer

One of the Hollywood moguls of the ’30’s coined the wonderful phrase:  “An oral contract isn’t worth the paper it’s written on.”  And that’s advice to be heeded.  A well-drafted agreement (on paper, of course!) can cause parties to avoid litigation in transactions that fail… Continue reading

When is an Agreement an Agreement?

Contract law is the foundation for American business.  Our contract law has evolved from the English common law system and establishes basic standards for formation of a contract – generally an offer met by acceptance.  Contracts may be oral or in writing subject to conditions… Continue reading

Negotiating Commercial Leases

Our Firm often becomes involved with negotiating commercial leases on behalf of landlords and tenants (never at the same time of course!).  There are several important areas which invariably become central to the negotiation.  Here are some of the many questions which need to be… Continue reading

Business Debt Collection

We are sometimes asked to assist our business clients with collecting overdue receivables from their customers and clients – typically balances which are over 90 days past due.  A collection case usually goes through several stages, each one ratcheting up the pressure on the delinquent… Continue reading

Careful with Installment Sales

In our estates practice we frequently find debts held in an Estate that are owed by a family member. Frequently these loans are forgiven or are distributed out to a debtor child pursuant to the terms of the decedents Will.  Even when such debts are… Continue reading

What is At-Will Employment?

Most workers are considered employees at-will which means generally that they can be fired at any time and for any reason. The employment at-will doctrine evolved over many years and provides that an employer or employee can end the employment relationship with no legal recourse… Continue reading

Tips and the Minimum Wage Laws – 2013 Update

As of the date this article goes to press, both the federal and the Pennsylvania minimum wage laws set the minimum wage at $7.25.  For some employers however, the minimum wage calculation can be more complicated than simply multiplying the number of hours worked by… Continue reading

Employment: Offer Letter v. Employment Agreements

Employers are requiring restrictive covenants much more frequently than they have in the past.  This is because “knowledge” workers are able to move among competing companies and may cause damage to a prior employer by revealing trade secrets or enticing co-workers or clients to move.… Continue reading

Non-Cash Contributions to Limited Liability Companies

We are frequently met with a situation where one or more individuals wish to form a limited liability company to engage in a new business or real estate enterprise.  Limited liability companies are preferred vehicles for many such endeavors because they combine low maintenance and… Continue reading