On The Move…

March 1, 2014 will be an important date for the Firm as we relocate our offices . . . a few steps away!

With our existing Lease at Suite 212 coming to an end after nearly 25 years we were presented with the opportunity to relocate our offices to the premier ground floor suite (Suite 108) in our existing building at 630 Freedom Business Center.

Our new offices will be under construction during January and February 2014 and will be ready for occupancy on March 1.  They will include a vastly improved layout, state of the art computer and telecommunication systems, and an updated look and feel.

When we first came to 630 Freedom Business Center in 1989, our second floor suite was “cutting edge” for its time, and it still holds up remarkably well after many years.  But times change, technology has altered our profession (and virtually all businesses), and we recognize the need to move with the times.  By constructing new offices from the ground up we have the opportunity to better integrate our work stations and our systems and become more efficient.

For clients, the move will be virtually invisible.  Same ball park, same section, different seat.  The only thing you may miss is the short elevator ride!

Needless to say, we are excited about this opportunity and we will keep you posted as March 1 approaches.



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