What is the PALCB?

The Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board (LCB) was established in conjunction with the 21st Amendment and the repeal of Prohibition. It was created by state law on Nov. 29, 1933, just four days before the end of Prohibition. The agency is governed by a three-member Board whose members are appointed by the Governor and confirmed by two-thirds of the state Senate.

In addition to serving as the Commonwealth’s seller of wines and spirits, the LCB regulates Pennsylvania’s alcoholic beverage industry and promotes social responsibility and alcohol education. The LCB regulates the manufacture, importation, sale, distribution and disposition of liquor, alcohol and malt or brewed beverages within the Commonwealth.

It is no small operation, requiring nearly a million square feet of warehouse space, operating more than 600 Fine Wine & Good Spirits retail stores and employing at last count more than 4,600 employees.

Sales and taxation of alcohol generated more than $2.43 billion in fiscal year 2015-16, and more than $626.3 million of that was returned to the Commonwealth for use.

— J. Ken Butera

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