Real Estate Tax Assessment Appeals

Recently we sent out a notice to clients and friends of the firm setting forth the deadlines for appealing your real estate tax assessments.  The deadlines for filing a reassessment petition are as follows:

County                                         Filing Deadline

Bucks                                           August 1

Chester                                         August 1

Delaware                                      August 1

Montgomery                                September 1

Philadelphia                                 1st Monday of October

 It is no secret that many properties are over assessed due to the flagging economy and the decline in real estate values.  (Note:  the Government doesn’t tell you when your property is overassessed!)   Since real estate taxes are a recurring annual burden, any savings you achieve by petitioning for reassessment will be a recurring savings.  Even a modest 10% reduction in your taxes means a 50% aggregate savings over the next 5 years.  The numbers add up quickly.

 Call Ken Butera, Jr. or Rod Fluck if you feel your property is over assessed.  If you bought your property between 2000 and 2008 there is a fair chance your assessment may be higher than your property’s fair market value.  Act soon – the deadlines are fast approaching!

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