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Changes to Pennsylvania Power of Attorney

Along with a will and a health care power of attorney, one of the foundation documents for most peoples’ estate plans is the durable general power of attorney, which allows an agent to act on behalf of the person with respect to the person’s finances… Continue reading

Living Trusts in Pennsylvania

We frequently speak with clients who already have or who are contemplating the creation of a “living trust” or, more formally, a “revocable trust.”  These vehicles are heavily marketed by attorneys and other estate planners as a means of avoiding probate, smoothing out the post-death… Continue reading

Estate Planning for Married Couples on the Move

Our normal process for new estate planning clients is to have them complete an Estate Planning Questionnaire.  Normally, most of the questions on this form arouse no comments.  However one question often does pique the interest of married clients; that is the question of whether… Continue reading

Streamline Your Estate if you Own Out-Of-State Real Estate

Out-of-state real estate often presents an additional obstacle (and cost) for many estates.  When a resident of Pennsylvania dies with an out-of-state property titled solely in his name or with a fractional portion of a property titled to him as “tenant-in-common”, that property or fractional… Continue reading

Estate Taxes are Probably Not Your Problem: Simplify Your Will, Review Your Estate Planning Devices

As we have noted in this newsletter on a number of occasions in the past year and a half, the federal estate tax has become a non-issue for most married couples, and opportunities to simplify estate plans now abound.  In 2014, one individual will be… Continue reading

Is Your Will Over 3 Years Old?

When was the last time you looked at your will?  If it is more than a few years old, recent legislation, coupled with changes in your own circumstances, may have caused your existing will to become obsolete.  Consider: Many older wills typically used complicated trust… Continue reading

Joint Wills, Mixed Families and the “Disinherited” Stepchild

The most common estate planning scenario we see is the “joint will” between spouses. For example, husband gives everything to wife, unless she predeceases him, in which case everything goes to the kids.  Likewise, wife, in her will, gives everything to husband, unless he dies… Continue reading

You Can’t Take it With You…

For individuals with substantial estates, 2012 presents what may be a “once in a lifetime” opportunity to take advantage of the Federal gift tax exemptions.  Gifts to family members can be a favorable way to “shrink” your estate to avoid estate tax on death.  Here… Continue reading

Monitoring an Agent Under a Power of Attorney

We frequently receive calls from individuals who are concerned about the conduct of their loved one’s agent under a power of attorney.  While the details change, the pattern is often the same; a child who is not his or her parent’s agent under a power… Continue reading

Estate Planning Alert

The ever-shifting tax battles in Washington have left estate planners in a quandary for the past 12 years; and it’s beginning to look as though the angst is to continue at least until November’s election. As you know, the so-called “Bush Era Tax Cuts” are… Continue reading