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Seller’s Property Disclosure Statement

Those of you who have sold a home in the last eight years may be aware of the requirement for providing a potential purchaser with a Seller’s Property Disclosure Statement prior to the signing of an Agreement of Sale. Nearly all residential real estate sales… Continue reading

Welcome Sefco

BC&B is proud to announce that one of our corporate clients, Sefco AG, a Swiss manufacturer of cryogenic equipment, has commenced operations of its U.S. subsidiary, Sefco America, Inc. Sefco America is subleasing space here at 630 Freedom Business Center and its local office will… Continue reading

The Right of First Refusal: No Time to be Casual

One of the most commonly used devices in real estate is the right of first refusal (“ROFR”). A tenant may be given a ROFR by a landlord to buy the leased premises if the landlord wishes to sell at any time while the lease is… Continue reading

Partition: Breaking Up May Not Be Hard To Do

The purpose of the legal action known as partition is to allow joint owners of property, who no longer desire to own that particular property, to divest themselves of ownership for reasonable and fair compensation. While a partition action can be used for personal property,… Continue reading

Falling Trees

If a tree falls and nobody is there to hear it, does it make a sound? Yes, especially if the tree started on your property and fell on your neighbor’s house.If a tree rooted on your side of the property line falls across the property… Continue reading

Avoid Collection Problems

Recent experience suggests that the economy is not quite as rosy as the politicians might have you believe. We seem to be witnessing a rise in collection cases across all sectors of the business world, including sales of goods and services, commercial landlord-tenant collections, mortgage… Continue reading

Oh, What a Nuisance

That little kid on your block who is annoying, unpleasant and obnoxious; he may be a nuisance generically but not legally. A nuisance can have legal significance and can be a civil wrong. In the legal sense a nuisance is the interference with an individual’s… Continue reading