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The Vanishing MSRP?

As car shoppers, we are all familiar with the concept of the Manufacturer  Suggested Retail Price, which is how the manufacturer suggests to the dealer the price at which to sell a car.  Notably, with the exception of Saturn (where the manufacturer owns the dealership),… Continue reading

Auto Insurance Tips

Here are some tips to consider when reviewing your automobile insurance coverage: Make sure you have selected “full tort” coverage and not “limited tort”.  Without full tort coverage you may not be compensated for all of your injuries if you have the misfortune to be… Continue reading

Penalties for DUI

 Penalties for DUI It is that time of year again; and before you decide to get behind the wheel of your car, consider how much cheer you have consumed.  In 2003, Pennsylvania lowered the amount of Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) necessary to be considered “Generally… Continue reading

What to do if You are Involved in a Car Accident

What to do if You are Involved in a Car Accident Traffic mishaps are an inevitable and unfortunate fact of life.  If you find yourself in one, we offer some guiding principles  you should consider.  A proper reaction can reduce injuries and costs as well… Continue reading

Save on Your Car Insurance

Save on Your Car Insurance A recent newspaper article reminded us that most ordinary folks build wealth not by what they make, but instead by investing what they don’t spend (sounds like the old Ben Franklin adage: “A penny saved is a penny earned.”) Here… Continue reading

Driving To and From Work

As winter has arrived, the inevitable will occur: bad weather (and you thought I was going to say keeping your New Year’s Resolution).  With bad weather comes a number of headaches, including shoveling snow, school cancellations (if you are a parent), and driving in sleet… Continue reading

Competency to Drive

     As the “baby boom“ generation, born after 1945, continues to age, the issue of driver competency will become more and more prevalent.   Statistically, older drivers are generally safer, to a point.  For some, physical and mental impairment begin to take a toll on the… Continue reading

Damage to Your Car in Automobile Collision Cases

When you are involved in an automobile collision, your primary concern is your health.  This article deals with a “fender bender” situation where no personal injuries are sustained.  This article will also focus upon damages to your own vehicle – leaving to another time the… Continue reading

What is a Fraudulent Transfer?

Suppose a negligent driver collides with your car and you are badly injured; further suppose that the other driver has minimal liability insurance of $25,000. You sue the other driver and obtain a money judgment for $500,000. The insurance company pays you $25,000 and you… Continue reading

Is Limited Tort Worth It?

From time to time over the last several years we have addressed the issue of whether drivers are better served electing “limited tort” or “full tort” insurance coverage. Since we handle many car accident cases, we see this issue often. The basic theory of limited… Continue reading