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“Full Tort” or “Limited Tort” The Auto Insurance Dilemma

We handle many automobile accident injury cases and recent changes in the insurance laws are catching some drivers by surprise.The Pennsylvania Motor Vehicle Financial Responsibility Law establishes two basic choices of automobile insurance coverage, commonly known as the “Full Tort” option and the “Limited Tort”… Continue reading

Don’t Speak Too Soon!

Here is the scene: You have just been hurt in a car accident at an intersection, the traffic light was changing, and you are not sure how fast you were going. Maybe you weren’t paying as much attention as you normally do. Is it your… Continue reading

How to Handle a Traffic Stop

We have handled a fair number of traffic cases, and a common thread we see is that the outcome of a traffic stop can depend heavily on the interaction with the police officer making the stop. Suppose you are stopped after going through a traffic… Continue reading

The ABC’s of DUI and ARD

No, this is not our foreign language edition – just a peek at what happens to first time offenders caught driving under the influence of alcohol or a controlled substance.In Pennsylvania, if you are convicted of driving with a blood alcohol level of .10% or… Continue reading

Five Ways to Reduce Your Auto Insurance Bill

If you are like most people, every six months you receive a bill from your insurance company for your car insurance. Most of us simply bite the bullet, pull out the check book and try to forget the experience as soon as possible. Like many… Continue reading

Watch Out For Limited Tort Option

Several years ago the Pennsylvania Legislature amended the Pennsylvania Motor Vehicle Financial Responsibility Law to provide drivers with the choice of full or limited tort options in their automobile insurance coverage. Things haven’t been quite the same since.Full tort coverage is pretty much what we… Continue reading

New Resident Obtaining Driver’s License and Registration

 Moving presents all sorts of annoyances and hassles.  This is especially the case when one moves to a new state.  As our society becomes more mobile, individuals are more apt to move to another state than their parents.  Because each state has different laws regarding… Continue reading

Beware That Uninsured (Extra) Car

    Do you have a classic or “fair weather” car that sits in the garage all winter?  Do you keep it insured over the winter months, or do you let the insurance lapse or discontinue coverage because the vehicle is not in use?  Careful!… Continue reading

Hybrid Cars: Cost vs. Benefit

    Several months ago we ran an article on the tax benefits available with the purchase of hybrid automobiles, which run on gasoline and electric battery power.                   While there may be certain tax benefits available, the total economic benefit may not be… Continue reading

Pointers on Points – The License You Save May Be Your Own

You need not be nick-named “leadfoot” to get speeding tickets. The police and local officials know that there are roads where everyone exceeds the posted limit. In fact, many roads in our area would be eternally grid-locked if the limits were strictly enforced. However, local… Continue reading