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Points to Ponder

As most drivers are aware, Pennsylvania maintains a point system which assigns penalty points to your driving record in the event you are convicted of certain traffic offenses. Generally, the more serious the offense involved, the more points that are assigned. Accumulate enough points, and… Continue reading

Recent DUI Legislation

Governor Rendell has signed new legislation reducing the maximum permissible blood alcohol level (“BAC”) from .10% to .08%. As a result, it will take fewer drinks to send you over the legal limit to operate a motor vehicle on Pennsylvania highways. The change in the… Continue reading

Use of Roadblocks by Police; What Role Should They Have?

Some consider sobriety checkpoints an infringement on motorists’ right to privacy, while others consider them a vital tool in the war against drunk driving. Sobriety checkpoints spark heated debate among opponents and proponents, however, the Supreme Court has ruled that they are here to stay.… Continue reading

Title Insurance to the Rescue!

In the purchase of a home, closing costs are generally burdensome, and the cost of title insurance can be one of the largest of them. Banks giving mortgages to buyers routinely require title insurance as a condition of the loan; as painful as it may… Continue reading

Crash Course in Auto News

Have you ever been tempted to purchase a motor vehicle from a friend or at auction — but not insure it until it was repaired and road-worthy? Be careful. Persons who own registered but uninsured automobiles in Pennsylvania run certain surprising risks.The purpose of the… Continue reading

Points to Ponder

Points to PonderThere are points in basketball, tennis, and football. Diamonds have points, as do knives and arrows. But nothing gets the attention of the average motorist like traffic points. Most moving violations carry two penalties under the Pennsylvania Motor Vehicle Code: a monetary fine… Continue reading

The High Price of Refusal

If you have a Pennsylvania driver’s license, you have already consented to have your blood alcohol level tested upon demand by a law enforcement officer. You do not have a right to speak to an attorney before such testing, and failure to comply with a… Continue reading